Welcome to WOOD15, the first indoor bike park for BMX and MTB in Europe. WOOD15 is located in the city of sports Sittard - Geleen, in the smallest part of the Netherlands between Germany and Belgium.

An old empty factory, over 6000 m2, where once television screens of Phillips were made, has been transformed to a full indoor bike park.

WOOD15 is a place for everyone, it offers challenges for beginners as well as more experienced riders. No matter what mother nature planned for weather outdoors.

The kids can get acquainted with BMX and MTB and develop their skills at different levels, under the supervision of professional trainers.

In our beautifully furnished ‘Drinkplaats’ visitors and riders can meet, exchange tall tales and the latest techniques, while enjoying drinks or a delicious bite made with love.

In short an ideal accommodation for Indoor BMX and MTB!

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Wednesday: 12.00 - 21.30 h
Thursday: 12.00 - 21.30 h
Friday: 15.00 - 21.30 h
Saturday: 9.00 - 17.00 h
Sunday: 10.00 - 17.00 h
Parties and events are possible by appointment.

You’re more than welcome as a visitor (non biker), in our ‘Drinkplaats’ or pedestrian zone, this is free of charge.



  • Daycard adult (+16yrs) € 12,00
  • Daycard under 16 years € 8,00
  • Eveningcard (after 18.00) € 8,00
  • Kids Bike ’n ride - entrance bike and helmet €17,50


  • 10 Goes card € 72,00 (daycard)
  • 10 Goes card under 16 years € 72,00 (daycard)
  • Giftcard from € 8,00
  • Membercard (year) under 16 jaar* € 199
  • Membercard (year) from 16 jaar* € 249
  • * see membercard conditions


  • BMX €9,00
  • Dirt €15
  • Kali Helmet €5

Don’t forget your ID/Driving license as deposit, if you’re under 16, this also applies, this should be an ID or Driving license of your parents/carers. No ID = No rental.

  • The membercard is personal and is registered on name. The advantages are not transmissible to other people.
  • The membercard is valid for a year after the purchase date.
  • As a membercard holder you have unlimited entrance to WOOD15 in our regular opening hours. The card does not provides acces to special events which you have to pay for entrance, unless different communicated.
  • Every card member is allowed to join our yearly members BBQ, for wich we will ask a small contribution. You will be notify about the date.
  • Every card member is allowed in our regular opening hours to bring one guest who can use the special “friends of WOOD15-discount”. This is a discount of the following combination: entrance, rent of a bike and rent of the helmet. This discount is only valid for the total package, so not for one of these parts. The discount is €14,00 instead of €21,50.
  • If you'll turn 16 years within 4 months of the purchase date, we won’t charge you as an adult, it be fair €220,00.
  • With prolonged illness (arguably longer then 3 months), there will be an discount of 50% on the next membercard.
  • With abuse of this membercard, the card will be taken without refund of the purchase price. Under abuse of the membercard we will see, lending your membercard to someone who will try to get entrance to WOOD15.
  • As a member of the WOOD15 members club you must follow our house rules and general terms and conditions of WOOD15.
  • WOOD15 reserves the right to adjust prices and conditions at any time.

It’s your birthday! That has to be celebrated and we are going to do this together with all your friends on our pumptrack, kidszone and other tracks with your own BMX and helmet. You will get a warm welcome by one of our instructors. You will receive instruction and guidance on the different tracks, lasting an hour.

In the short break you will get some Lemonade and cake. After the break there is the possibility to ride on your own.

We have two different packages to celebrate your party:

Package 1

Minimum of 7 children (including the birthday boy/girl) + 1 supervisor* €150
Incl. rent of a bike and a helmet, drink (lemonade, coffee/tea) and cake.
Each additional participant: €15

Package 2

Minimum of 7 children (including the birthday boy/girl) + 1 supervisor* €185
After the riding we’ve made a tasty pizza or curly fries with a frankfurter.
Incl. rent of a bike and helmet, drink (lemonade, coffee/tea) and cake, pizza's or curly fries with frankfurter.
Each additional participant: €20

Do you want to make a reservation for a kids party? Mail us at info@wood15.eu or call +31 (0)46 82 00 389

* Kids parties can be held for children from the age of 6 with a minimum of 7 children to a maximum of 12 children (including the birthday boy/girl), where at least one adult as a supervisor should be present. Bring your mom, dad, grandpa, grandma or someone else to your party, visitors are free.
With more than 12 participants ask for the possibilities.

Days when the kids party can take place (subject to availability):

Wednesday from 14.00
Thursday from 14.00
Saturday free choice
Sunday free choice

We have scooters, walk bikes and little BMX for all ages (from 5 year), to make the kids party a big succes. These are only useable on the pumptrack.

Supervisors are allowed to join the kids party on a bike, but it’s not necessary.

BMX Training

Do you enjoy BMX-ing? And would you like to ride more often? Then this is something for you!

Under the supervision of our professional trainers, you will practice once a week and improve your abilities and skills. Experienced or not at all. It is all possible!

The trainers will give you a training that will fit your personal skill level.

The training will be together with kids of your own age.You will acquire essential basics which will be needed to learn new and more difficult tricks.


  • Beginners to experienced BMX-ers
  • Mini’s 6-8 years
  • Juniors 9-14 years


  • Wednesday afternoon: 16.00- 17.30 after that free riding until 19.00
  • Wednesday evening: 18.00- 19.30 after that free riding until 21.00
  • Thursday evening: 18.00- 19.30 after that free riding until 21.00
  • Saturday morning: 9.00- 10.30 after that free riding until 12.00


  • The first lesson is free, then you can follow 2 practices for €15 (exclusive material rent).
  • The cost of the practice subscription amount €29,50 per month. You pay the subscription every quarter and is exclusive material rent.

If you don’t have a BMX or helmet, you can rent one from us.
Send us an email!

Customized activities

  • Business events
  • Teambuilding
  • Birthdays
  • Bachelor parties

Ask for the posibilities. Mail to info@wood15.eu or call to +31 46 82 00 398


Would you like to get some experience in mountainbiking? And would you like to improve your skills or just have a sporty evening? Then the clinics are just the thing for you!

When you join a MTB clinic at WOOD15 it means that you improve your technics and skills. Under the supervision of our professional trainers you will have a training that will fit your personal skill level.

You will acquire essential basics from mountainbiking. If you already possess these basics, there are plenty of possibilities to improve your skills in our clinics.


  • Beginners (who control the basics)
  • Experienced riders
  • Juniors 9-14 years
  • Adults from 14 years


  • Wednesday evening 19.00-21.00 experienced with Mikeys Bike adventures.


  • €25 per evening, excluding material rent and helmet.

If you don’t have a BMX or helmet, you can rent one from us.
Send us an email!

About us

WOOD15 stands for environmentally friendly and Corporate Social Responsibility. When possible, we use existing and demolished material. All materials are fair: we only use wood with the FSC mark and products from fair trade produced natural products.

Our social responsibility goes further: in cooperation with the municipality Sittard-Geleen, we work together with a lot of volunteers and people with a settlement who want to start over.

WOOD15 is opened since november 2014. At WOOD15 we are never idle, we constantly try to keep improving for better, nicer, higher and faster tracks.

You keep coming, we keep building!

Who is WOOD15?

WOOD15 is conceived and developed by Marc and Jaap, both crazy mountainbikers. They are absolutely not scared of rain, mud or even snow, but why did they start an indoor bikepark??

To bring people with the same passion together: riding! Especially BMX and MTB.

Due to the indoor location, there is the possibility to protect your equipment from harsh conditions, to refine your technics or improve your condition. Besides that there is the possibility to participate in lessons for every ages of MTB and BMX. And above all after all it is a great place to meet different riders!

Why WOOD15?

WOOD15 - 99% of the used materials for the indoor bike park is from wood.


WOOD15 includes various disciplines. They are designed for mountainbikers, BMX and Dirt riders for every level. There is even a possibility for cyclocross.

There are two different lines (with three levels) for the mountainbikers: green (beginner), blue (experienced) and red (technical).The flow line is especially for BMX and Dirt riders. You can recognize it with the black arrows on the track.

The skill area is especially made to practice difficult obstacles and is accessible for every level, from beginner till world champion level and from XC to Enduro.


Would you like to practice tricks or just have fun? Our foampit is de newest place to practice your tricks without the danger of crashing!


For parties and events we have a Pumptrack. There is always a possibility that this track is closed due to the fact that there is an event or a party. You can ride the pumptrack with a BMX, MTB, Dirt, scooter,skateboard and inline-skates.

We offer complete bikes and parts for BMX and MTB, among others:

  • 100% - Gloves - Tshirts
  • NS bikes
  • Freeagent - Volo 18" €359 - Maverick 20" €299 - Novus 20" € 339
  • Flybikes - Neo 16" 349 - Nova 18" €349 - Electron 20" €409
  • Saracen bikes
  • Meybo race BMX
  • Kali helmets

Drinkplek - Lunch

The 'Drinkplek' is a lovely place (used to be the laundry of Phillips) to have som nice food and a drinks. Our coffee is made with passion.

The coffee beans of KAMPALA Gold are from three different countries,from Uganda, Brazil and Ethiopia. The coffee has a full taste. The berries from Brazil are traditionally not washed and not stripped of their flesh. Because of this a touch of sweet stays in the beans. The eccentric berry flavor is balanced by the washed beans from Uganda.

Everything you want to know about the KAMPALA beans you can find here: Lola Coffee

Together with Soupa Doupa we offer frech and healthy food, soups, wraps and smooties. Enjoy delicious and healthy food...

Nusterweg 66 - Hal E
6136 XB Sittard, THE NETHERLANDS (kaart)

Rijksweg Noord 281 - Hal E
T +31 (0) 46 82 00 389 (tijdens openingsuren)
E info@wood15.eu
BTW/VAT NL853778875B01

IBAN NL48 INGB 0006 4572 22